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About Us

Hi friends, so who are we?

liat ohana

The truth is that in the meantime it’s one woman’s business, me!
My name is Liat Ohana. I have always had two unexplained loves in life. First, clean, clean everything! If Mom had asked me to help her run the washing machine, I would not have been content to just run a machine with dirty clothes. I would clean the whole machine from all sides and angles, run it in a cleaning program, etc., and only then – run a machine with dirty clothes.
My second love in life is digital marketing.
I have a small boutique agency where I provide services to businesses in a variety of areas, such as organic search engine promotion, social networking and more.

The “how to clean” site was born to unite my two loves into one, and help you clean effectively of course!
If you want to contact me on a specific topic, you can do so through the Contact Us page.