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How to Clean Outdoor Rugs: Step-by-step guide

How to Clean Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are an excellent way to bring color and flair to my porch or patio, and they are also straightforward to maintain. But like any other indoor decorating project, you need to give them a little attention now and then.

In this post, I’ll show you how to clean your outdoor rugs so they’ll look their best all year long.

Vacuum your rug.

The first step in cleaning your outdoor rug is to vacuum it.

Use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum, and get the back side of the rug too. You can also use a beater bar attachment if you have one, as this will help loosen up dirt and debris in the fibers of your rug.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to vacuum again with a vacuum cleaner if possible. This will help remove dust mites and other allergens from your home, which can become airborne during vacuuming and could irritate sensitive people’s skin.

Check the tag for any washing instructions.

First, check the tag on your rug to see any washing instructions. If you can’t find any, you can wash it at home using a standard detergent and cold water.

If there is an instruction label on your rug, follow it strictly (and call the manufacturer if something isn’t clear).

Brush loose dirt off.

A soft brush may clean dirt and debris from your outdoor carpeting.

Brushing in one direction will minimize the risk of damaging the rug, so start at one end and move toward the other.

If you have a particularly dirty area, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any loose dirt before brushing. Be careful not to use too much pressure when brushing, as this can damage your outdoor rug.

Rinse the dirt away.

To rinse the dirt, use either a garden hose or a bucket of water.

If you’re working with a large rug, consider using a soft brush to remove dirt from the edges of your rug. If your rug is filthy and needs extra cleaning, you can also use a mild detergent. Be sure to rinse thoroughly so that no soap residue remains on your rug after it dries.

Now that you’ve given your outdoor rugs some love, they’ll be looking good as new again in no time!

Mud and stains will require a more direct approach.

You may need a more direct approach if your rug is dirty or stained.

Gently remove dirt with a gentle brush, then mud with a moist towel. Next, use a diluted solution of mild soap and water to remove stains from delicate rugs. Try using a commercial carpet cleaner on the rug’s surface before vacuuming it off for tougher stains like oil-based paints or other stubborn substances.

Let outdoor rugs dry completely before storing them away.

After you’ve washed your outdoor rugs, let them dry completely before storing them away.

Don’t put them away wet. They’ll mildew and become moldy. Don’t leave them in the sun. They’ll fade. And don’t put them in the dryer. They’ll shrink.


Now that your outdoor rugs are clean, it’s time to enjoy them! You can keep them looking great by cleaning them regularly with these tips.

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