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How to Clean Strawberries: The Complete Guide

How to Clean Strawberries: The Complete Guide

Strawberries are delicious, but they can be challenging to clean. This guide will walk you through the steps of how to clean strawberries, how to store them, and how to avoid rotting.

Vegetables and fruits bought at the supermarket may arrive sprayed and unclean. Knowing how to clean them thoroughly is vital to avoid introducing toxins into our bodies.

How to Clean Strawberries?

  • First, rinse your strawberries under cold water and pat dry with a paper towel or dishcloth.
  • Cut off the stems with a sharp knife by slicing around the base of the strawberry where it connects to the branch.
  • Discard these stems or save them in another recipe, like strawberry jam or jelly.
man shows how to clean strawberries
The first step in cleaning strawberries is rinsing them strawberries under a stream of cold water. Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev.

How to clean strawberries with white vinegar?

White vinegar can help clean strawberries, thanks to its high antiseptic capabilities. Do not worry. The vinegar does not leave a bad taste in our strawberries. Here are some ways to clean strawberries with white vinegar.

  1. Cut the berries in halves and place them in a bowl of water
  2. Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to the mixture
  3. Soak for 5 minutes before rinsing with cold water and patting dry with a paper towel
  4. Place the berries on a paper towel and sprinkle them with sugar
  5. Let them stand for 15 minutes before eating

How do strawberries store and extend their shelf life?

Storing strawberries is easy, but knowing the best way to do so is essential.

First, you should always store strawberries in the refrigerator and never at room temperature. The ideal temperature for keeping them is between 32 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Secondly, you should place them in a single layer on a tray or dish with a damp paper towel and cover the tray with plastic wrap or a life extender liner. This will keep the fruit from drying out, extending its shelf life. Finally, ensure you don’t wash your strawberries before storing them because this can shorten their lifespan by up to two weeks!


Do strawberries last longer when washed?

Don’t pre-wash your strawberries. Remember to keep your strawberries dry and cold when you go grocery shopping. Wash the ones you’re planning to eat soon while leaving the rest alone so they can stay fresh longer. Remember, any added moisture will soften them and lead to mold growth.

How to freeze strawberries?

After carefully washing the strawberries, remove the stems and slice them into quarters or thinner pieces. Lay out a parchment-lined plate or baking sheet with the strawberries, and put them in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Please put all of them in a resealable freezer bag, and store it for up to 3 months.

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