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How to Clean The Dryer? The Complete Guide

The Complete Guide to Cleaning a Dryer
The Complete Guide to Cleaning a Dryer

We constantly stress the importance of routine appliance maintenance for extending their lifespan. One of the essential components of this upkeep is cleaning. Let’s examine how to clean the dryer and restore it to its new condition.

When Do We Have to Clean the Dryer?

When do we have to clean the dryer?
When do we have to clean the dryer?

The dryer’s use will always determine how frequently it needs to be cleaned. A dryer from a house in a rainy area won’t require as much upkeep as one that is only used sometimes because it will be used more frequently.

A large family’s dryer won’t require the same upkeep as one in a home with only two occupants. It is a given that the dryer needs to be cleaned entirely occasionally in every situation.

At the very least, it is advised to carry it out once a year. It can be cleaned twice or three times if it is frequently used. Performing it concurrently with washing the washing machine is a good regimen.

What To Do Before Cleaning?

What to do before cleaning?
What to do before cleaning?

We must consider a few things before we begin cleaning the dryer. Even though they may seem apparent, reviewing them will help us do our jobs more effectively.

The dryer needs to be unplugged from the power source first. It is best to unplug the dryer or, at the very least, switch it off because we will need to examine certain internal parts to clean it.

The water tank needs to be emptied after every drying, as is advised. Opening it will give us the opportunity to provide it with a light cleaning.

Finally, make sure the dryer is empty and the temperature is low because if not, cleaning will take considerably longer.

Clean The Dryer’s Filter

Clean the filter
Clean the filter

The dryer’s filter is a component that is crucial to its operation since it collects all of the remnants of dust, textiles, sand, etc., that washout does not eliminate.

Remove the filter and vacuum it or wipe it down with a moist cloth to remove any remaining debris from the filter. It is crucial to perform it frequently to prevent any interference with the appliance’s functionality.

Typically, the filter is located inside the drum and is relatively simple to remove. It is essential to read the user manual to learn how to disassemble it because it will depend on the dryer model.

Clean The Humidity Sensors of The Dryer

Clean humidity Dryer sensors
Clean humidity Dryer sensors

The location of the humidity sensors is required for this. Inside the drum are a few stainless steel components. Its task is to measure the amount of humidity in the wash.

Scale or detergent residue might build up on the sensors after a few uses and alter how the dryer operates. Our garments cannot be dried if they are dirty.

It merely takes a moist cloth or soap to clean them, followed by a dry cloth or kitchen paper.

The Water Tank

The Dryer's water tank
The Dryer’s water tank

As we’ve already mentioned, the tank needs to be emptied after each use or a few uses because the dryer won’t operate if it’s complete. Cleaning it at that time is wise.

With a bit of soap and water in the sink, we can clean it. Please wait for it to dry completely, or use a cloth before inserting it again.

Because there is no water tank in dryers that have an exterior water exit, you can skip this step.

The Condenser

The Condensate
The Condensate

The condenser should be cleaned once a month or every two months because it provides the heat for our clothes, and if it is unclean, it might slow down the drying process.

Some dryers have a self-cleaning condenser feature, some have removable condensers, and some do not. For this phase, it is crucial to understand how your dryer operates.

Once it’s been found, you can clean it by removing it or cleaning it without uninstalling it, but the most crucial thing is to avoid using scouring pads or other complex objects on it because it might break easily. Because it is such a fragile item, using a cloth dampened with water or your hand is preferable.

In some dryers, the condenser is washed automatically to remove debris. Since a professional is required to clean the system in these models, not all of them are advantageous. It frequently requires disassembling some components and is located in hard-to-reach areas.

Clean the Dryer’s Drum

Clean the drum
Clean the drum

You need to pass over the drum’s surface in this phase. Although limescale can build up, very little dirt typically collects in the drum because most of it passes to the filter.

We can use vinegar, bleach, detergent, or other specific items, but we must keep in mind that scouring pads and other sharp or pointed objects should not be used.

Clean The Outside of The Dryer

The outside of the dryer
Clean The Outside of The Dryer

Of course, the dryer’s operation won’t be impacted by the outside. However, it is essential to make your kitchen look stunning. That is also significant. The most popular cleaning supplies can be used on the drum, but you shouldn’t use anything that might scratch the surface.

You’ll need to clean your dryer occasionally, no matter what it is. Your home, pocket, clothes, and appliances will all benefit from it.

The best cleaning products for Cleaning a Dryer

Cleaning with baking soda
Cleaning with baking soda

The best cleaning products for Cleaning a Dryer are the ones that are safe and efficient. The most important thing to do is to make sure that the product is safe for you and your family.

Many different types of products can be used to clean a dryer. Detergent, bleach, or vinegar can be used. But it all depends on what kind of stains you have on your dryer and what type of material it is made of.

While detergent or bleach may work for some stains, they will not work for others. The best way to know which product will work the best is by testing them before using them on your dryer.

Note that if you choose to use detergent or bleach, you must ensure that you have cleaned the material well from the dryer. Otherwise, you may stamp the clothes that will go in there later. The best way to clean the dryer from these materials is to run the dryer with an old garment that you don’t mind getting ruined or a rag.

Of course, it is better to start cleaning the stains of the dryer with vinegar, baking soda powder or any other natural substance.


How often to clean the dryer?

It is essential to clean your dryer regularly to avoid the buildup of lint. The frequency of cleaning will depend on how often you use the dryer, how long it takes for the clothes to dry, and the type of detergent you use.

How often should you clean the dryer filter?

The answer to this question is very straightforward: you should clean the filter at least once a month. In order to do so, the dryer must be turned on and a vacuum cleaner connected to the exhaust vent. This will prevent lint from accumulating in your dryer and prolong its life span.

Who cleans dryer vents?

Many people feel that the dryer vent cleaning is a dirty job, and they do not want to do it themselves. There are plenty of professional cleaners who specialize in this type of work.
You can read our guide on how to clean dryer vents as a start.

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