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Clean Your Microwave in the Safe and Efficient Way

Clean Your Microwave in the Safe and Efficient Way

If Your microwave is dirty and you are wondering how to clean it. We have prepared the complete guide to cleaning a microwave in several ways, with products you have at home, such as lemon, white vinegar, and baking soda powder.

Microwaves are a staple in many households. They cook food quickly and save time in the kitchen. However, as microwaves age, they can develop a build-up of bacteria that is harmful to your health. Follow these steps to clean your microwave safely and efficiently!

How to Clean a Microwave With Vinegar

Vinegar is an effective and inexpensive way to clean a microwave.

  • Fill up a microwave-safe bowl with water, and add two tablespoons of white vinegar.
  • Microwave the bowl on high for 45 seconds.
  • Remove the bowl and use a paper towel to wipe down the inside walls of your microwave while still hot. This will remove any hard water or residue that might be left behind.

Cleaning Your Microwave With Baking Soda & Water

This is a pretty common household trick. The process is simple and will only take about 10 minutes.

  • First, fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and add a few tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Next, place the bowl inside the microwave and turn it on for about 3 minutes or until the mixture starts to boil.
  • Then, wipe down the inside of your microwave with a wet cloth while the mixture is still hot.
  • Finally, rinse any residue with water and dry your microwave well to prevent future build-up.

Cleaning a Greasy Microwave with Lemon Juice or White Vinegar

To clean a greasy microwave, use white vinegar or lemon juice and water.

  • To do this, put some vinegar or lemon juice into a bowl and add water until it is about as thick as heavy cream.
  • Then put the bowl into the microwave for about five minutes on high power.
  • After that, wipe down the inside of the microwave with a sponge or paper towel to get rid of any leftover grease.

How to Clean Your Greasy and Sticky Microwave with Paper Towels or Dishrags

  1. Take a paper towel and soak it in water.
  2. Place the wet paper towel on the grease or sticky area for about one minute to break down the grease or sticky residue.
  3. Use a second paper towel to wipe away the water and the grease or sticky residue from your microwave.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 if there are still some stubborn stains in your microwave that don’t come off with just one round of soaking and wiping with paper towels or dishrags.

Cleaning Your Microwaves Safe and Efficiently

Microwaves are a big problem for many people. They must clean them out and ensure they are not polluted with bacteria and other harmful food particles.


Why should I clean my microwave?

The microwave is a potential breeding ground for bacteria because it’s an enclosed space that heats the food. If you don’t clean your microwave regularly, you could invite all sorts of germs into your home and your food.

What is the safest and most efficient way to clean a microwave?

Water and White Vinegar are the safest and most efficient ways to clean a microwave.

How often should you clean your microwave?

Clearing out the bacteria and bad smells is essential for your home. Clean your microwave at least once a week to every 3-4 weeks to avoid a build-up of bacteria and strong odors in your kitchen. If you heat messy food like pates or gravy, it may be necessary to clean it more often.

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