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How to Clean a Rubber Mouse Pad

Clean Mouse Pad

Wondering how to clean a rubber mouse pad the best way without compromising its quality? We have prepared an accurate guide explaining how to clean the mouse surface most safely by Hand, in the washing machine or dishwasher.

A mouse pad is a surface where we move the mouse of our computer to control the cursor on a computer screen. Mouse pads are typically made of cloth or rubber and have an abrasive surface to improve the mouse’s performance.

If you notice your mouse pad becoming dirty, clean it as soon as possible to avoid bacterial growth and odor buildup.

Cleaning Rubber Mouse Pad on Washing Machine

You can wash The mouse pad inside the machine, with the engine running in a delicate clothing program, at the cold temperature.

But, we are not recommending you wash your mouse pad in the washing machine is not because it can cause damage to the rubber or cloth.

Cleaning Rubber Mouse Pad in Dishwasher

Another technique often recommended is Cleaning a mouse pad in the dishwasher. Because most dishwashers have rinse cycles, this technique should only be used to clean the mouse pad’s surface and not remove any stains.

Cleaning Rubber Mouse Pad on Hand

Hand cleaning is the most recommended cleaning for your rubber mouse pad.

  1. Rinse your mouse pad with water and sprinkle washing powder on it. (Do not put a large amount, a little powder will be enough for you)
  2. Using a sponge, rub the mouse pad gently until all the stains are off.
  3. Leave the mouse pad for about ten minutes with the washing powder if a stubborn stain does not come off.
  4. After all the stains have come off – rinse the surface thoroughly and leave it to dry in a shady place.
here is a video that shows how to clean to mouse pad


Why should I clean the rubber mouse pad?

You should clean the mouse pad regularly to avoid bacteria growth and odor.

How do you clean a rubber mousepad without ruining it?

We recommended Hand cleaning the mousepad.

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